Perforated Euro Containers

Perforated containers are suitable for food transport and storage to keep it fresh longer, as they permit air circulation. The containers enables water to flow away and prevent humidity. They are easy to clean.




Type Length Width Height Volume Weight
EO 64/75 600 mm 400 mm 75 mm 13 l 1,04 kg
EO 64/12 600 mm 400 mm 120 mm 22 l 1,25 kg
EO 64/15 600 mm 400 mm 150 mm 28 l 1,26 kg
EO 64/17 600 mm 400 mm 170 mm 33 l 1,39 kg
EO 64/22 600 mm 400 mm 220 mm 34 l 1,57 kg
EO 64/27 600 mm 400 mm 270 mm 54 l 1,75 kg
EO 64/32 600 mm 400 mm 320 mm 64 l 1,96 kg
EO 64/42 600 mm 400 mm 420 mm 85 l 2,28 kg


Marc van Turenhout
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Michal Forman
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