Spill Pallets with Grates

The spill pallets are designed for long-term storage.

The pallets are made of polyethylene and they may be handled by a fork-lift truck. They are designed for two or four 200 l barrels.




  • spill pallets for storing barrels with a removable plate,
  • designed for static capture of spilled liquids,
  • compatible with most forklifts and pallet trucks (for types 1840, the barrels must be removed before transport),
  • stackable for easier transport,
  • complies with the currently valid environmental regulations of the European Union,
  • plate with hand cut-outs (for types 1840) and holes for checking and inserting the pump,
  • fully recyclable, chemically resistant PE, with UV stabilization.



Type Length Width Height Volume Weight Use
1840/NPP1 1000 mm 680 mm 600 mm 230 l 20 kg 1 x200 l
1840/NPP2 1300 mm 750 mm 440 mm 250 l 21 kg 2 x 200 l
1840/NPP4 1380 mm 1290 mm 480 mm 485 l 41 kg 4 x 200 l
1840/NPP4L 1380 mm 1290 mm 280 mm 250 l 31 kg 4 x 200 l
1840/NPP4S 2445 mm 660 mm 270 mm 235 l 34 kg 4 x 200 l
CDR1368SP-A 1300 mm 680 mm 165 mm 83 l 18 kg 2x 200 l
CDR1368SP-B 1300 mm 680 mm 300 mm 150 l 20 kg 2 x 200 l
CDR1313SP-A 1300 mm 1300 mm 160 mm 180 l 32 kg 4 x 200 l
CDR1313SP-B 1300 mm 1300 mm 300 mm 260 l 36 kg  4 x 200 l


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