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Balers reduce the volume of bulky waste materials (carton, paper, plastic packaging, PET bottles, etc). After compression, the material is bundled into a bale, which is easy to store and handle. The benefits are obvious: you save money for waste collection, as well as time, space and manpower, improving the hygiene and tidiness of your working place at the same time.

It can bring you new look at recycling of these often-valuable materials, and consequently even new revenue.

Your recent problem

Whether you have a business in retail, industrial or logistic company, hospitality or you are working in public sector, every day you gather a lot of waste from packaging of goods and materials delivered to your workplace in plastic or cardboard boxes, often wrapped in plastic film. On top of that, all types of waste are generated every day in various establishments, for example mixed waste from a kitchen/canteen, cardboard and plastic from a kiosk or school, and the very different types of waste fragments in a recycling station.

The empty packaging material and other waste is thrown into bins, containers standing outside, or stored somewhere to be transported to large containers later, taking up too much precious space. Your staff spends lot of time with internal handling of uncompressed waste, and in addition there are the costs for rental of containers and collection.

Is this familiar to you? How do you deal with your waste?

Our solution for tomorrow

You need to minimize the amount of waste generated at your storage. Compress the cardboard or plastic directly into a bale press, which can be placed inside close to the waste source. The wet waste can be thrown into a bag press next to it.
Collection of highly compacted bales is easier, less frequent and far more cost efficient.

Baler installation will bring you following benefits:

  • better internal logistics,
  • labour and time savings,
  • more storage space,
  • faster and easier waste handling,
  • reduced rental and collection costs for containers,
  • tidier and safer working environment.

Why Bramidan?

ELKOPAST CZ is an exclusive representative of Bramidan A/S, one of the leading producers of bale pressers, having its site in Denmark. With production of over 2000 pieces per year, it belongs to the three biggest producers in the world.

Over 30 years of experience in baler manufacturing, as well as range of certifications and awards, guarantee the high quality, utility and reliability of Bramidan products, all along with the minimum maintenance costs. All balers are easy to install ("plug and play") and safe to operate.

According to the volume and type of your waste, we will recommend you the most suitable type. We offer several financing options, including short- and long term hire with the possibility of purchase during the hire period. We offer quality service and up to 5-year extended warranty.

Marc van Turenhout
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