SemiQ bin containers

SemiQ bin containers are identical in design to semi-underground SemiQ containers, but it is an above-ground version. The waste is thrown into an internal standard bin on wheels with a volume of 240 l. The containers are placed in a collection point together with SemiQ containers or independently.



Outer part

  • polyethylene / th. walls 6 mm
  • cylindrical shape / diameter 1000 mm +/- 50 mm
  • possibility of anchoring to the subsoil.
  • lining of the above-ground part: wooden, plastic, trapezoidal sheet metal, stainless steel sheet
  • lockable door on 3 hinges

Inner container

  • plastic bin according to EN 840, volume 240 l

Container canopy (roof)

  • polyethylene / th. walls 6 mm
  • metal information label on the type of waste
  • insertion hole with replaceable lid in the color of separated waste
  • filling hole height max. 1250 mm
  • constant color shade / coloration of the material 100% of the wall thickness
  • resistance to chemical, biological, weather (temperature -30 to +50 ° C), UV radiation

Weight: approx. 40 kg

Type Diameter Height Volume
SemiQ bin 1030 mm 1350 mm for 240 l bins


Marc van Turenhout
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